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The TitBox The TitBox - The Breast Nesting Box
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The TitBox - Various Colours FROM  £9.95 

Manufactured from bonded limestone, the Titbox whilst undeniably humorous, is both functional and durable - offering the perfect nesting environment for your small garden birds -

An innovative nesting box for small garden birds conceived by designer Eddie Powell is set to take the normally tranquil world of ornithology by storm! Anyone looking for that unusual Christmas gift need look no further!

Although perfect for many hole-nesting birds like sparrows, redstarts and flycatchers the design is particularly suited to Britain's most popular and ubiquitous species --- namely the "titmouse" family! Indeed the blue, great and coal tits number some 15 million individuals and it is hoped this humorous yet practical and durable abode will encourage many more people to provide nesting sites for these adorable birds.

Aptly named "The Titbox" it takes the shape or a fine female breast, using the small hole in the top of the breast as its entrance and the nipple as it's perch -- or should that be pert!

Well-known for nesting in unusual places such as letterboxes and drainpipes the "Titbox" looks set to become the tit family's most outrageous choice of residence yet, blissfully going about their lives unaware of the irony of their new homes.

Yes, with the help of "The Titbox" it would appear that mother nature has taken one or her finest creations in the tit family, back into her bosom.


The "Titbox" can be purchased by mail order by printing and sending off the form below

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Fix to a vertical surface, such as a sturdy tree or wall, between 5ft and 16ft above ground level, facing between North and South East to avoid the strongest sunlight and prevailing wind and rain.

Secure with suitable screw using locating hole in back of box accessed through entrance hole.

Be careful not to overtighten!

In the Autumn, after the young birds have fledged, remove old nesting material through access hole at rear and thoroughly clean the "Titbox" in readiness for the following season.